Vashon Park District's Bruce Haulman Junior Sailing Program

What a wonderful 2017 Sailing Season we had! Thank you to all the participants and staff for making it a huge success! Registration for Summer 2018 has begun!

VERY IMPORTANT: When setting up new accounts, the Head of Household is the primary account holder.  Please do not add a child's name to the Head of Household field.  Add family members after you create the account in your name.  We must have your emergency contacts. Thank you!
Adults (Click on the + sign by "Adult" below):

For private adult Sailing lessons please contact Tom Kaufer 206-412-5628 .  

Youth (Click on the + sign by "Youth" below):

Includes 4 days of lessons (no overnights) Monday through Thursday, for much of the day. You can see each course in detail if you click on the small "i" next tot he course your interested in.  There are two tiers: Beginner for ages 8-12 and Junior for ages 12-18.
Experience and previous classes may be taken into consideration instead of age.  Sorry, but we no longer offer a discount for repeat sailors.  For reasons of confidentiality and safety, we cannot disclose to those who call in (looking to pair their child with a friend) which class any particular child is attending.

For all questions related to 
the operation of the Sailing Program, temporary summer employment, boat maintenance or sailing instructor certification, please email Tom Kaufer at or call him at (206) 412-5628.
Change of clothes with towel
Bathing suit
Sunscreen, hat, sunglasses
Lunch AND a sports bottle (non glass) with beverage 
THURSDAY ONLY pirate gear, running shoes, lunch in waterproof carrier 


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